Operating as a digital enterprise and remote working will be the new normal.


The COVID-19 crisis is forcing millions of organisations around the world, big or small, to operate as virtual or digital enterprises where employees have to work away from each other.  The way organisations respond to this “forced remote working” environment can be grouped in the following two categories:


There is no impact on the way they operate. In fact, some find improved productivity among their employees! But these are the minority.


The majority find their operations, service delivery and employee productivity are negatively impacted.  These organisations were completely unprepared for this new phenomena and many are hoping that the crisis will end quickly so that they can go back to the normal way of doing business.

Many experts around the world are predicting that the remote working environment will be the New Normal post COVID-19 crisis.  Those that are not able to adjust will be losing out to those that quickly rotate themselves into this new mode of doing work.  If you fall within the second group, the longer you wait, the higher is your business risk.  Time is running out. The COVID-19 crisis proves that Digital Enterprise and Digital Project Management (DPM) are MUST HAVE capabilities.  Status quo is not an option.

Embrace the new reality to ensure continuity and success of your business during and beyond this crisis. We can help you.

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