System Analyst

  • Bachelor of Information Technology/Information System

  • Minimum 3-4 years of working experience as Developer (Both Front end and Backend Developer)

  • Having experience as a system analyst for at least 2 years (value-added ever in the insurance field)

  • Having experience in making Database Relationship Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Application Architecture Diagrams

  • Able to translate BRD into technical / TSD documents

  • Having experience in defining architectural solutions

  • Having experience in conducting research on the use of a technology stack that is suitable for business

  • Understand about providing servers and HW Configuration for an application according to business needs and future projections

  • Available position: 2 slots

  • Project-Based: Jakarta – Indonesia

  • To work with a team of programmers/developers and project managers

  • To assist project management in controlling the scope of work from the technical side

  • To conduct documentation and prepare detailed technical requirements (TSD) and business-related activities

  • To conduct assessments related to hardware requirements

  • To conduct assessments related to the needs of Application Performance

  • To assessing the needs of 3rd party Software to support applications